What is a "Weekender"?

Weekenders are long-term assignments that are assigned every week.

Online Assignment

  • Students have to login to the online assignment using their same username and password as all other online systems.

    • For example, if their email is 26astudent@ga.hiltoncsd.net and their password is 123456, then their username for the online system is 26astudent and their password is 123456.

    • Students must enter their username in all lowercase letters, otherwise it will not let them login.

  • The links for the online system are:

  • For all questions students are allowed unlimited attempts.

  • When an answer is submitted, it will tell the student correct or incorrect.

  • If students do not have internet access at home, they can download the assignment as a PDF and work on it offline.

  • Next to the assignment title, is the download button (down arrow). Click this button to download the assignment so that it can be worked on offline. This is a short video that shows how to download a Weekender assignment.

  • Once the status of all problems says 100%, the online assignment is complete.

Paper Effort

  • Students also have to show all of their work for these problems.

  • If there is no work to show for a problem, students have to write a brief sentence explaining their work.